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Stepping out from mediocrity within all arts & design & media with every device

New or being developed being possible therefore perception

Gives flight to originality

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Stepping Out art & Media has experience of working in Britain and worldwide.

With dynamic innovative solutions and imaginative creativity, enabling customers to become known via their visual identity.

Design is an integral strength to business operations energising business enterprises.

Illustrative packages as well for authors either digital or printing.

We aim to empower, results, and the constant wish to surpass boundaries within technologies.

Design Terms & Conditions & Privacy

P Penvic Trevelmond Liskeard Cornwall PL14 4LZ T. 01579 326070

M. 07748516946 E. steppingoutartandmedia@gmail.commail.co.uk.

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Illustrative as well as suggestive to evoke thinking through word and image.

Illustration & Animation

Dynamic exhilarating 2D and digital solutions for client briefs. Animation across pathways.

Fine Art

Looking through the looking glass towards dimensional representation, and journeys of expression whilst dreaming in front of nature. Fine art courses on-line.


Whether an e-book or on-line website content description professional writing is an expertise. On-Line Store with creative media.


Contemporary design has altered through time, and always evolving. Every decade has a feel for expression, and each year brings designers and writers and illustrators and animators; alongside fine artists; encapsulating their period.

Stepping Out has expertise to deliver throughout this process giving professionalism.

Styles change with colours each year bringing new meaning. Typography having time honoured type faces. Design can embrace geometric abstraction and lettering. Illustrative cross over images pulling towards or away from simplicity. 2D or 3D images depending on the proposal.

Fine Art Gallery

Influenced by issues relating to the environment and bringing awareness to an audience of the beauty of the natural world.


Very few people have had an opportunity to have a painted portrait of themselves unless famous and wealthy, like time shows us through galleries. This is for the ordinary hard working folk a precious uniquely individual gift.


All formatted towards client requirements, as early on an idea is discussed, and then developed.

Each stage has interaction, and layout giving client art direction for visuals; after edits finished artwork.

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